I've worn a lot of shoes, all in the name of building brands, products, and experiences. (In case you're wondering, I’m a size 12.)

Howdy — I'm J.T. Trollman, a maker-of-things in San Francisco, California. Most recently I'm doing product thinkin’ at Facebook with a cadre of other really talented folk. Previous to that, I was the cofounder of a tiny fast-acting startup called Happiness Engines, working on info-surfacing and productivity apps (plus the great social-sketching app, Colorized). In the past I've had the great fortune to work alongside awesome teams at places like IDEO LLC, AVOS, and Intuit, plus consult with a range of companies. It's been a fantastic road, and I’ve had my hands dirty in a breadth of ground work — interaction and visual design, photography, copywriting, editing, project managing — before ending up here. In short: I've yet to master the art of sitting still.

There's life outside of work, too: I have some odd hobbies that keep finding new ways to be interesting (autocross or furniture-building, anyone?), and I try to travel outside of the country at least once every year. As a teenager I learned to grapple onto the mantra, "live life constantly amazed," and it's been a great standby. I recommend it.

Unfortunately I'm not accepting new work at the moment (unless you're reading this, Elon Musk, in which case I'd really like to talk to you about your Hyperloop contraption and how I can help). I always enjoy meeting new folk, though! Give me a holler.